After basketball’d been invented,it was started to play at schools,universities and gyms all over the USA.Young people took up basketball and liked it.They established .It started to become the most in America

Basketball was tired in Europe in 1893. was played in Paris,France.During the was improved by American soldiers in Europe.It was first played in the Far East in 1913.

Basketball Association () was established by Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Romania,Czechoslovakia in Switzerland in 1932.Also has been organizing since 1935.


Basketball is a popular sport in Turkey.A lot of people like playing and watching basketball. Especially, young people are keen on basketball.In Turkey there are successful basketball teams like ,Ulker etc.They are representations of . Basketball is more popular in the world than in Turkey.When our basketball teams play in Europe,millions of people watch their matches.Our teams advertise us in the world.For example played in Final Four two times and about a billion people watch its matches.We also gain money from basketball.For example as all of you know,last year 32nd European Basketball Championship was organized in Istanbul.Thousands of people came Turkey to see their national teams’ matches.It helped our economy in this economic crisis by this organization.We were successful at this organization and we also were runners up.

As I said before basketball is very important for us so we should keen on basketball.Our businessmen should invest in basketball.They should stand surety for teams,build new gyms.They should organize summer in .Maybe Anatolian children will love basketball.We should teach children basketball together when they are children.We mustn’t forget how “12 Dev Adam” was successful in European Championship.Because they have been playing together for years.

I think basketball is one of the best ways to recover from economic crisis that we are in.If we use power of basketball,we will put in order our economy.