We can define pneumonia as becoming inflamed of . Pneumonia takes part in baby and old deaths. In short, pneumonia is a mortal disease. Under 5 years old , form half of deaths in our country. Most important reason of is pneumonia. Pneumonia is seen at every age groups generally. But progress of pneumonia is more serious about childrens and olds.

Most important reason of pneumonia is cold. In addition nutrition disorders take part in those reasons.

Factors that cause to pneumonia has some variations. Some of the factors of pneumonia are viruses, bacteriums, some oily foods, etc… To appear of this disease, those factors must arrive to lungs. Arriving of those factors to lungs can be with different ways:

a.   By little drops: that get mixed up with air by sick people’s cough, and  speaking, can be infected to healthy people.

b.   By air: If a will respire with a sick person in a same place, disease microbes in air, can arrive and be infected to ’s lungs.

c.   By handkerchief or towel: If a person will use a sick person’s handkerchief, towel or glass, healthy person can be pneumonia too.

d.   By dirty foods: A person who consumes dirty foods that have a lot of parasites, can be pneumonia.

These infection ways can cause to pneumonia. General signs of pneumonia are fever, cough, difficult respiration, ; for babies hard suction, crying and .

To be protected from pneumonia, qualified and is necessary. Especially, for babies, is very important to depend themselves from pneumonia. But only qualified and balanced nutrition can’t protect us sufficiently. We should take great pains about some topics too. Some of those topics are:

ü People should agree with rules.

ü People shouldn’t be found in closed and dark places.

ü In crowd places such as school, pension, people who carry disease , should be treated.

ü Whooping-cough and tuberculosis vaccinations should be made on children at the right time.

Pneumonia which is seen on babies and olds generally, can seen on person who has nutrition disorders, anamia, measles, and lives in unhealthy houses because of low life standard too.