Most of the animals play games, or climb,but only men play sports.Men have run ,climbed,swum and lifted throughout history.Children have wrestled and raced in their games since the .It is not exactly known when the sports started in terms of physical competition.

It is said that the primitive sports have begun in the BC 5000s among ancient Turks.The most common sports in the Turkish tribes settled in Middle Asia are ,riding,weight-lifting,sword games and wrestling.The first were started in 1868 with the establishment of High School in Ottaman Empire.The first was set up in 1901 in İstanbul.Galatasaray which was founded in 1905 was followed by Fenerbahçe,Vefa, and Beşiktaş clubs.Selim Sıtkı Tarcan contributed significantly to improve modern sports.The first sport was opened in 1974 in .