Common Experiences (History)

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, aka El Cid was a Hispanic infanzon (baronet), who was put into exile twice over politics in the late 1000’s. While in exile, he fought for the Moorish Emir Mu’taman of Saragossa and his exploits became legend with romanticized poem being written around 1201-1207.

This poem is “The Lay of the Cid” which is the translation of the Cantar del mio Cid. This poem was written in the mid-twelfth century about the Castilian Hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, and relating events from his exile from Castile in 1081 until shortly before his death in 1099. Although the Cid accomplished the remarkable feats of capturing the rich Muslim kingdom of Valencia and holding it as his own, and being the first of the Christian leaders to defeat the Almoravides, a warlike band of zealots from North Africa, the poem concentrates upon his relationship with King Alfonso VI of Leon-Castile. Like many feudal epics, The Lay of the Cid portrays the breakdown of the vassal-lord relationship due to some shortcoming of the lord, the manner in which the vassal attempts to deal with this situation, and reaches a climax and resolution in a detailed account of a formal trial.

The Cid became a universal hero to the Hispanic (basicly Spanish), and his history was elaborated by numerous ballads, legends, and other tales until the historical figure was completely obscured by this fanciful literature.

Sports / Games

  • Soccer – e.g. Copa Tecate – Hispanic American amateur soccer leagues.
  • Boxing – e.g. Oscar De La Hoya – Gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Baseball
  • Bull Fighting – Matadors (bull fighters), corridas (arenas), toros (bulls).
  • Jai (A)lai

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